"One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go."
~ Sheila Murray

Two people talking in front of diagramsTraining for Teams and Responders

Knowledge, skills, policies and training prepare responders for a victim-centered response and effective prosecution in sexual violence cases. The Sexual Violence Justice Institute is a leader in training and consulting for groups across the U.S. Our trainings integrate adult learning principles, are interactive in design and ask participants to critically analyze the response to sexual assault.

If you are interested in training and technical assistance, we begin by learning more about your goals and ideal outcomes. This dialogue guides our offerings and often leads to exploring new possibilities, vision, goals, processes and options.

Click here for detailed information on available SVJI trainings, including sample workshop, keynote, and webinar topics, and types of in-depth team trainings offered.

Four MnCasa MembersCoaching and Consultation

SVJI provides consultation and coaching to team leaders and other professionals interested in advancing the multidisciplinary response to sexual assault in their communities. To MNCASA member programs and grantees covered by our specialized technical assistance projects, this assistance may be available free of charge. In other instances, SVJI negotiates a fee for service to cover our costs.

Sample consultation topics include:  

  • Design of team vision, mission, goals, process and system intervention options
  • Team member roles and responsibilities
  • Job descriptions/characteristics of a coordinator
  • Tackling difficult or “sticky” issues that need resolving
  • Managing team conflicts
  • Flow of team energy and dealing with turnover
  • Team training
  • Engaging broader representation to reflect community needs
  • Developing state level training and technical assistance programs to connect and advance the work of local teams.
  • Identifying and solving system problems in a multidisciplinary context
  • Tasks associated with the 8-Step Protocol Development Cycle, such as needs assessments, protocol writing, responder training, gathering victim experience information, community forums, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and more.

Specialized Consultation for Effective Prosecution

Preparing expert witnesses and response personnel for effective prosecution requires special knowledge and skills.

SVJI training for expert witness testimony typically includes:

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) and other healthcare professionals learn how their practices affect the criminal justice process.
  • Law enforcement officers, victim advocates and healthcare professionals learn about best practices for victim interviewing and forensic evidence collection, and how to be effective witnesses in the courtroom.
  • Prosecutors learn about sexual assault from healthcare professionals and advocates, how to help jurors better understand facts and research presented, and how to leverage testimony by expert witnesses to increase the strength of their cases.
  • Expert Testimony Research Institutes


Contact SVJI for more information on training and consulting.

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