“Once you’re in the system you become a number, you’re looked at as a criminal or a delinquent because you’re out here doing this to survive and I don’t think the system realizes it.” ~ Survivor, Voices of Safe Harbor 

Safe Harbor Implementation ProjectDeveloping the Systems Response

Under the Minnesota Statewide Protocol Development Project, the Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) will provide technical assistance and support to select protocol teams across Minnesota as they develop the systems response to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in their community.  SVJI will capture and report on lessons learned from each team, and will create additional tools and resources for the development of Safe Harbor protocols.  These tools and resources will be made available statewide through this website. 


What is the Systems Response?

“Systems Response” refers to the way government agencies and community programs work together to meet the needs of victims.  The systems response is multidisciplinary, and includes community-based victim advocacy and youth-serving organizations, as well as social services, child protection, medical and mental healthcare providers, schools, and criminal justice system professionals.  See the Safe Harbor Protocol Guidelines for a list of essential system partners.


Is Your Team Ready?

The work of a Safe Harbor Protocol Team involves making changes and improvements to the systems response to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Effective protocol teams ensure that all agencies involved in the systems response are at the table, and have formalized their commitment to making No Wrong Door work in their community.


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If you are a systems professional on an existing protocol team or looking to form a protocol team, sign up for the Safe Harbor Protocol Listserv to receive additional tips and tools on protocol development and working effectively as a team, as well as and support from protocol teams across the state. To sign up, please email Noelle Volin and include your agency name.




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