"As a policy leader, as a father, as a man, I realized that I have a responsibility to champion prevention. I can, and I need to, make
a difference."
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~ Jim McDonough, Ramsey County Commissioner

Grandfather and childrenPrevention Policy: Advocating to End Sexual Violence

MNCASA believes Minnesota needs a balanced approach to stop the harm of sexual violence. This balanced approach includes three principles:

  • Support for victims and survivors
  • Access to justice
  • Sexual violence prevention

Why Policy?

Sexual violence is a social issue that requires community solutions. Policies influence both social norms and individual behavior. Policies to limit smoking in public places, and laws requiring car seats for babies before you leave the hospital are examples of how prevention policies can create meaningful change. 

Our policy goal is to establish primary prevention as a Minnesota priority. Our specific policy proposals include:

  • Promoting primary prevention. To improve the impact of existing state services, MNCASA proposes three pillars of policy that combine for results-driven prevention.
    • Comprehensive reform of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP); linked with
    • Formation of a cabinet-level sexual violence prevention working group; and
    • Redirection of savings from MSOP reforms to support local community prevention grants.
  • Promoting healthy relationships and sexual development.Too many youth are learning about violent sex on the internet, and experts agree that teaching about healthy relationships and sexual development can reduce sexual violence. MNCASA proposes to:
    • Introduce legislation updating the existing school sexually-transmitted disease program to include a focus on promoting healthy relationships and sexual development; and to
    • Help school districts select curriculum consistent with current medical knowledge and practice by improving services and technical assistance provided by the Department of Education. 

Status of MNCASA's current policy priorities

Get Involved

  • Policy Committee. MNCASA advocates for evidence informed policies. Our Prevention Policy Subcommittee brings together researchers, advocates, survivors and allies to share, learn, discuss and develop policy proposals. Please contact us at prevention@mncasa.org if you are interested in joining this committee. The committee works intensively in the late summer and fall to develop our policy platform and less frequently throughout the year. We’d love to have you join us.
  • Policy Action Network. To change policies, we need to mobilize citizens like you to contact your legislators and voice your support of our proposals. If you are willing to contact your elected officials, please join MNCASA's Policy Action Network.

Advocating for Prevention

Policy makers tell us that they don’t often hear from constituents that prevention is a priority and that constituents want policy makers  to make it a priority, too. MNCASA wants to know what is important to you and whether you are willing to advocate for prevention with policy makers. If you want to get involved in our prevention policy efforts, please contact MNCASA prevention staff.

Resources to Help with Contacting Elected Officials


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