Two people at SVJI eventSVJI: National Expertise in Criminal Justice Response

In Minnesota and across the U.S., SVJI is respected for expertise in the criminal justice response to sexual violence. One way SVJI develops this specialized knowledge is through focused projects, including training and guidance for SART teams, technical assistance to OVW grantees and STOP administrators, and developing protocols that make teams more effective.

Training and consulting to increase criminal justice for victims/survivors

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SVJI offers the following resources to jurisdictions and disciplines as they work to increase the accessibility of the criminal justice system to victims/survivors.

  • Focused training in protocol development, victim-centered investigation and prosecution, legal advocacy and more.
  • Consultation on team formation and sustainability issues including design of team goals, process and system intervention options, turnover, outreach, evaluation and more.
  • Clearinghouse of information, best practices and strategies for criminal justice professionals through our justice resources and specialized resources for law enforcement and prosecution.
  • Cross-disciplinary conversations and skill building through training, joint initiatives and policy development.
  • Technical assistance and training to select grantees from the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice and the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs.


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