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STOP and SASP Administrators

STOP and SASP Administrators

SVJI provides technical assistance, training, and important resources about sexual assault response to STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program (STOP) Administrators, and Sexual Assault Services Formula Grant Program (SASP) Administrators, as well as their subgrantees.

We support the unique and important role sexual assault response leaders play in facilitating and leading change in their states or territories. SVJI provides support as you work on the STOP sexual assault set aside, to improve sexual violence response, and to support Sexual Assault Response Teams, including phone consultations and site visits to assess and promote effective strategies. We also provide resources and discussions about sexual assault response and highlight implications for your job, including toolkits and web-based learning opportunities.

STOP Academy Training

The STOP Academy is an online learning module on the need-to-know foundational and advanced issues for STOP and SASP Administrators in the response to sexual violence. This course is designed to help improve the sexual violence response in your state or territory.


How to Access the Academy

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  3. Begin exploring and learning by choosing from our three courses!
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