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Madeline Gonser

Madeline Gonser

Madeline is a National Sexual Assault Response Team program coordinator with the Sexual Violence Justice Institute at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. In her previous role, Madeline served as the Protection Order Project Coordinator for the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. Madeline worked to enhance the statewide protection order process through training programs, technical assistance, stakeholder collaboration, and policy development relating to issues of protection orders in cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking.

Madeline served on the Access to Justice Committee which made recommendations to the Kansas Supreme Court on matters such as reducing barriers to accessing justice faced by survivors and self-represented litigants navigating the legal system.

Madeline holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas. In 2019, she completed her juris doctorate at Washburn University, where she earned the Outstanding Advanced Intern Award for her work in the Washburn Law Clinic.

Madeline has a pack of rescued pets, enjoys Kansas City BBQ and riding horses.