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Public Policy

Public Policy

The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault is a coalition of member organizations and individuals who share a goal of working toward a society free from sexual violence. As a statewide coalition, MNCASA both represents the interests of its members and serves as a voice for those members in the areas of policy and systems change.

Check Out Our Policy Agenda

Want to learn more about MNCASA’s policy work? View our policy agenda and track different bills we support.

Current Issues

MNCASA works on a wide variety of issues that impact victims/survivors of violence. These are our current issue priorities for 2022, aimed at preventing and addressing violence on a state and national level.


Reproductive Justice

MNCASA is committed to working toward reproductive justice and upholding abortion access for all victims/survivors of sexual violence.

Housing Reform

MNCASA believes that housing injustice uniquely impacts victims/survivors of violence.

Victim Services Funding

MNCASA is committed to advocating for increased funding for crime victim services, in support of our member programs who directly serve victims/survivors of violence.

MNCASA's Legislative Priorities

Want to learn more about MNCASA’s policy work? View our policy agenda and track different bills we support.

Get Involved with Policy

Are you interested in taking action to support our policy work to prevent and end sexual violence? Learn more about what policy work is and different ways to take action.

MNCASA News and Policy Updates

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By Fatima Jayoma Welcome to the Rural Realities Blog! This blog is about meaningful collaboration with community partners. Sexual assault response teams (SARTs) build relationships…

Commentary on Groundbreaking MN Courts of Appeals Ruling On Emergency Contraception and Sex Discrimination

Last week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that a pharmacist refusing to provide emergency contraception committed illegal sex discrimination. This groundbreaking ruling is the…

Conference Announcement: Rural Sexual Violence Response National Conference

By Miranda Gonzalez Paul We have some exciting news! The Rural Sexual Violence Response National Conference is returning in June of 2024! This conference…

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We need your support to drive transformative culture change and create a world world without sexual violence.

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