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MNCASA is a membership organization that acts as a collective voice of organizations and individuals committed to ending sexual violence. Members include dual domestic violence and sexual assault programs, rape crisis centers, college and university campuses, law enforcement agencies, offender treatment programs, as well as allied organizations and concerned individuals.

We connect members and increase capacity of programs through networking opportunities, technical assistance, and other resources. MNCASA couldn’t exist without our members – members make us stronger and help shape the resources and services we offer.

Whether you are a direct service provider, allied organization, or someone who wants to work with others to support victims/survivors and prevent sexual violence, we invite you to join the coalition!

Member Benefits


We offer member-specific trainings to programs providing services to victims/survivors. Trainings focus on emerging issues, new research, and foundational information.

Member Connection Calls

We host quarterly Member Connection calls to help members build relationships with and learn from one another


We host webinars for members throughout the year, and members have access to a library of past webinars in the Member Portal.

Membership Meetings

We hold membership meetings throughout the year for members across the state to exchange ideas, resources, and support.

Technical Assistance

Members can access technical assistance from our team of experts on policy, training, evaluation, and other emerging issues in the field.


We provide fact sheets and resources to keep members informed of policy initiatives, emerging trends, current local, and state and national funding initiatives.

Additional Opportunities

As funding allows, we strive to offer additional opportunities to our members including travel scholarships, training reimbursements, and free access to curriculums.

Membership Levels and Dues

Our membership consists of three levels:

Partner Program membership is open to organizations throughout Minnesota that, as one of their primary functions, provide services to sexual violence victims. MNCASA will only accept as partners those organizations whose philosophy is consistent with MNCASA’s mission and philosophy.

  • Partner Program 1: $150.00 (Budgets under $60,000)
  • Partner Program 2: $250.00 (Budgets $60,001 – $100,000)
  • Partner Program 3: $350.00 (Budgets $100,001 – $500,000)
  • Partner Program 4: $450.00 (Budgets $500,001 – $1,000,000)
  • Partner Program 5: $550.00 (Budgets over $1,000,000)

Allied Organization Membership shall be open to organizations in Minnesota which are engaged in services and activities that support directly or indirectly the end of sexual violence and the mission and vision of MNCASA. Allied Organization Memberships are not available to organizations that qualify for Partner Program Membership. MNCASA will only accept as allies those organizations whose philosophy is consistent with MNCASA’s mission and philosophy.

  • Ally: $200.00

Individual Memberships shall be open to any individual who is not affiliated with a sexual assault program, but works towards the end of sexual violence. Individual Memberships are not available to entities which qualify for Partner Program Membership. MNCASA will only accept as individual members those people whose philosophy is consistent with MNCASA’s mission and philosophy.

  • Individual: $75.00
  • Fixed Income/Student/Senior Discount Available: $25.00
  • Survivor: Free

MNCASA is pleased to offer complimentary trial memberships to organizations serving historically marginalized and excluded populations.

To be eligible for this trial membership, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You have not been a MNCASA Partner Program or Ally in the past year (July 1, 2021-now).
  • You primarily serve a marginalized or excluded community. Some examples include:
    • Non-Dominant Faith
    • Disability
    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    • Tribal/Indigenous
    • Communities of Color
    • National Origin/Ethnicity
    • LGBTQIA+
    • And Others

Want to learn more about MNCASA membership?

MNCASA is a membership organization, and we are happy to provide information and resources for our members and prospective members. Contact us for more information.

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