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Advocacy Support

Advocacy Support

We support advocates who provide direct services to victims/survivors of sexual violence through trainings, resources, sharing of information, and making connections. We partner with our member programs to improve advocacy services, promote trauma-informed care, and create a community of care for advocates.

MNCASA’s Advocacy Support Includes:

Facilitating the 40-Hour Sexual Assault Advocacy Training

Providing assistance to 40-Hour Training Facilitators

Print and digital resources

Live and on-demand trainings

Virtual gatherings for advocates to support one another

Technical assistance and referrals to experts

Training for Advocates


Member-Hosted Event: 40-Hour Advocacy Training (Sexual Violence Center)

The ultimate goal of a sexual assault advocate is to provide support and foster an environment of independence, helping victim survivors gain confidence in their…

Directors’ Call

For Partner Program directors only. Check the listserv to register.

Member-Hosted Event: Cornerstone

Join Cornerstone staff, volunteers and supporters to connect and learn about Cornerstone’s work on Thursday, July 25, 2024, 4:00-7:30 p.m.! 9 Mile Brewing Company…

Contact us for more information about advocacy trainings and support.

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