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Supporting Victims/Survivors with Access to Technology

Lack of access to technology prevents victims/survivors from being able to access lifesaving virtual services and other resources they may need. This resource provides some…

SAAM 2024 Partner Program Social Media Toolkit

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2024 is almost here! SAAM can be a big lift due to increased attention around sexual violence. This simple social media…


2023 Minnesota Advocacy Survey Report

This report shares salary and benefits data of Minnesota victim advocacy programs.


MNCASA 2024 Legislative Agenda

MNCASA’s 2024 legislative priorities.


I Am Somebody’s Somebody: Minnesota Sexual Assault Response Team Roundtable Report

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) at The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) hosted roundtables to learn more from sexual violence victims/survivors in Minnesota…


Minnesota Sexual Consent Law

This factsheet outlines common questions and key aspects of Minnesota’s sexual consent laws.

MNCASA One Pager

MNCASA is a statewide coalition driving transformative culture change to address sexual violence through advocacy, prevention, racial justice, and systems change and policy. Learn more…

SAAM 2023 Partner Program Toolkit

SAAM can be a big lift due to increased public interest around the issue of sexual violence. We created this deconstructed social media toolkit to…

Sexual Violence in Disasters

Sexual Violence in Disasters draws from research, reporting, and the lived experiences of survivors to explore the connections between sexual violence and disasters, the inequities that…

Building Cultures of Care: A Guide for Sexual Assault Services Programs

This guide provides information to support sexual assault services programs in strengthening their organizational and individual responses to survivors of sexual violence through the use…

Resources for Organization Leaders & Managers

Developing an emergency preparedness plan helps organizations and systems return to functioning as quickly as possible when disaster strikes. This can promote community-wide resilience and…

Organizational Trauma and Resilience

Adapted from Organizational Trauma and Healing by Pat Vivian and Shana Hormann (2013) Trauma can affect organizations just as it affects individuals, families, and communities.