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Medical Response

Medical Response

With special funding from Minnesota’s Office of Justice Programs at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, SVJI@MNCASA facilitates the Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program (SMFPP). Medical forensic exams exist to provide victims a medical and forensic evaluation after a sexual assault takes place.

The Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program works to improve consistency regarding medical forensic exam access, quality, and payment processes for sexual assault victims across the state of Minnesota.

Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program Training and Support Initiatives include:

  • Facilitating statewide workgroups to address medical forensic issues.
  • Creating and providing training for medical professionals to improve the medical forensic response in Minnesota.
  • Maintaining online resources available 24/7 to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and medical forensic examiners.
  • Improving SANE sustainability and networking across the state.
  • Coordinating SANE trainings in Minnesota.
  • Providing technical assistance to programs, hospitals, health professionals, and others who have questions or concerns about exam billing, clinical best practices, state and federal laws regarding medical forensic exams, how to improve your medical forensic response, and any other topics related to the medical forensic exam you want to learn more about.
  • Leading policy and legislative initiatives that address medical forensic compliance and response.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals


Track-Kit: MN Statewide Tracking System Cheat Sheet

Use MN Track-Kit when a MN Kit is used for evidence collection.

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