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Prevent Violence

We can all take steps to prevent violence. If you want to cultivate change in your community, start by watching our Rosemary Pledge video and taking the Rosemary Pledge!

Learn About Public Policy

Are you interested in taking action to support our policy work to prevent and end sexual violence? Learn more about what policy work is and different ways to take action.

Donate to MNCASA

We are a statewide coalition driving transformative culture change. We envision a world free of sexual violence in which all human beings are treated with dignity and respect and communities are transformed through safety, healing, and partnerships. Will you stand with us?

Become A Member

MNCASA couldn’t exist without our members–members make us stronger and help shape the resources and services we offer. Whether you are a direct service provider, allied organization, or someone who wants to work with others to support victims/survivors and prevent sexual violence, we invite you to join the coalition!

Upcoming Events


Member Connection Call: Serving Victims/Survivors in Custody

Open to Partner Program Members.   Join us for the Serving Victims/Survivors in Custody Member Connection Call to talk with other members about their efforts…

Sexual Assault Advocates’ Call

For Partner Program Members only.   Auto-captioning will be available. ASL available upon request.


SVJI Connection Call: Reflections in SART Work

Join us for our monthly virtual meetings/discussions focused on addressing the current needs of sexual assault response teams (SARTs) and connecting SART leaders.


We need your support to drive transformative culture change and create a world world without sexual violence.