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MNCASA’s Legislative Priorities

What We're Working On

MNCASA’s membership and staff are increasingly diverse, and systemic issues in our communities are deeply intersectional. Because of this, MNCASA is often in a position to engage with partners on issues directly and indirectly affecting victims/survivors of sexual violence.

View MNCASA’s 2024 agenda outlined below or in PDF form via the link. You can also scroll down to track the bills we’re supporting.


Our 2024 Policy Agenda

MNCASA is a statewide coalition driving transformative culture change to address sexual violence through advocacy, prevention, racial justice, and systems change and policy.

In collaboration, Minnesota’s crime victim coalitions call for the State to fund the additional $40 million per biennium requested in 2023 to support victims/survivors and the programs that serve them.

These standards will represent and affirm the identities of all Minnesotans and empower students to make decisions about their own health. They will be established via a Minnesota Department of Education rulemaking process.

This new role will work toward statewide equity for victims/survivors in rural spaces seeking sexual assault examinations and provide training and technical assistance to emergency room staff.

This allows judges to consider past experiences of abuse when determining sentencing for someone who commits a crime.

This will clarifiy the process for victims/survivors to vacate a rental or end a lease and expands how victim advocates can support victims/survivors in ending a lease.

This disqualifies “gifts and donations” to a victim/survivor from being counted against reimbursement and restitution determinations.

Sexual Violence Prevention

MNCASA supports local community work to expand healthy relationships and sexual violence prevention education for children and youth.

Safe and Accessible Housing

MNCASA supports initiatives toward stable and accessible housing for all Minnesotans. Housing insecurity and unfair rental practices leave people vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Safe and accessible housing is paramount to victims/survivors’ safety and healing.

Racial Justice

MNCASA will apply a racial justice lens to our work and strive to center the needs and experiences of BIPOC victims/survivors. We believe all victims/survivors deserve justice and access to affirmation, safety, and systems they can trust and use.