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Voting Support

Voting Support

Voting is one of the many ways we can work to end sexual violence, challenge oppression, and ensure that victims/survivors’ voices are heard.

We recognize that disenfranchisement—depriving people of voting privileges and inhibiting voter access—is used to exclude and silence underserved communities. Barriers to voting are often specifically targeted at communities of color as well as people experiencing poverty. Our commitment to anti-oppression work means helping to increase voter access, remove barriers, and name the systems of oppression that create those barriers.

We also know that voting during COVID-19 might feel like a confusing, anxiety-creating process. This year’s guide contains info on how to vote by mail and safety measures for those who will vote in person (we encourage all who are able to vote early). We hope the guide will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to vote safely and make sure your ballot is counted!

Common Questions

Check your voter registration.

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website to register online, download paper registration forms, check your registration, or learn more about registering.

Find your polling place.

See our Get Out the Vote Guide (below) for more info.

Contact us for more information about policy trainings and support.

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