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Blog Highlight: Growing Towards Justice For All—Addressing Oppression in Our Work

Three years ago, a staff member at SVJI wrote a blog titled, “Growing Towards Justice For All – Addressing Oppression in Our Work.” In the blog, she asked, “How many times have you heard someone say something like”:

  • We are all the same here.
  • Or we don’t have people like that here.
  • Or we give everyone the same services/we serve everyone.

Statements like that harm survivors from underserved and marginalized communities. I’m bringing this up to remind everyone that to end sexual violence, we must also end all other forms of oppression. We must address the barriers in our work and the systems of oppression they are linked to. None of us or our communities are excluded from needing learning and growth.

Take time to reread that blog and check out this resource on rural outreach created by the Resource Sharing Project.