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Supporting a Coordinator: Who else can provide support?

A coordinator’s team and home agency are their primary support network. But, sometimes that isn’t enough. Coordinators often benefit from seeking external sources of support. The agency and the team should support the coordinator in finding that help.

External sources of support can include:

  • State, tribal, or territory coalitions
  • National technical assistance providers (like us here at SVJI!)
  • Funders
    • Funders want teams to succeed. Build relationships with your funders (state, federal, foundations, etc.) to help grow your support network.
  • Other local SART coordinators
    • Some states have more formalized networks of coordinators. Formal or informal, local coordinators are a wealth of information!
  • Other national SART coordinators
  • Other types of collaborations in your community
    • Even if not sexual assault focused, other people might be doing multi-disciplinary work that can give you some tips, ideas, or just someone to talk to!

Let us know if you have other ideas about who coordinators can lean on or reach out to for support! What else do you need to support a coordinator? How else can you, as a coordinator, be supported?