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Weigh In Wednesday: Why Rural is Rad

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that our world spends an awful lot of time talking about why rural life is hard or terrible or backwards. People often assume that everyone wants to leave to go to the big city. They also assume that if they don’t, it’s because they can’t leave. That’s nonsense. There are so many cool things about living rural (I’m making that a new catch phrase). I want to talk about why living rural is awesome.

Mine! 1. FRESH AIR—everything smells like living plants and animals and dirt and flowers and woods. The smell of 6 a.m. on a fall day in the Northwoods is magical. This is my top love; I miss it all of the time. 2. The reasons for traffic. A traffic jam is your neighbor on a combine. There’s traffic because cows won’t come home, literally. You stop in the middle of the road and chat from the windows of your cars. The reasons for traffic are amazing and often funny, and I loved that about living rural. (See what I did there with the new catch phrase?)

Use the comments to weigh in, rural friends; name your top reasons why rural life is rad.