Exit Site

Sustain FTC’s current professional relationships within schools and school systems to continue FLASH delivery to youth of color and LGBTQIA youth; conduct outreach and cultivate new relationships within schools and school systems to expand FLASH delivery; Present FLASH lessons that relate to sexual violence primary prevention in SPPS and surrounding metro area schools, and out of school sites; Train school teachers, social workers and other school personnel to be FLASH instructors to expand the delivery of FLASH in schools and community settings.

Organization's Mission Statement

Family Tree Clinic will utilize the FLASH curriculum as primary prevention of sexual violence in schools and community sites that target reaching youth of color and LGBTQIA youth.

Lessons Learned

  • Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is an effective strategy for the primary prevention of sexual violence perpetration and victimization.
  • FLASH, the curriculum we will use in this program, is designed specifically around the primary prevention of sexual violence.
  • Making an impact within specific populations like youth of color and LBGTQIA youth must be a communal effort. Our work with schools and community partners not only provides opportunities for FLASH delivery, but also cultivates stronger, healthier social ties between our targeted populations, community partners, and Family Tree.

Why It's Needed

We are so enthusiastic to be partnering with MNCASA to expand the impact of science-based, comprehensive sexual health education as a tool and strategy for prevention of sexual violence and intimate partner violence–particularly among young people. This is direct impact, systems change and collaborative work at its best!
Alissa Light, Executive Director, Family Tree Clinic

Community Partners

  • SOS
  • Avenues for Homeless Youth
  • Reclaim!
  • Outfront