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Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead: Moorhead

In Moorhead, the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead is engaging community leaders in community projects designed to build ownership in creating a community free of sexual violence. They are also presenting a healthy relationships curriculum to middle and high school students in two districts.

Organization's Mission Statement

Engage leaders from Moorhead and surrounding communities to work together in creating a prevention plan that fits the unique needs of our community; provide education to community leaders, professionals, and members of the general community on the issues of intimate partner and sexual violence along with effective ways to prevent these issues; and work with middle and high school students to Increase knowledge of healthy relationships

Lessons Learned

  • Providing training and streamlining the onboarding process for new members who are joining the committee is important.
  • Prevention work can truly unite a highly diverse group of individuals.
  • Trust the process – guiding prevention work with a community organized committee sometimes feels like standing in the eye of a powerful storm; it’s a space of complete stability and centeredness, holding the vision and the space for it to grow while everything around it appears to be chaotic and completely out of our control (in the best of ways). It sometimes feels like everything can fall apart at any minute, and being willing to let it go – without giving up if it does – is essential. From this space, incredible creation happens…people step in and step up, ideas expand, excitement grows, and as this happens big visions that are realized as events and projects can become even more than what we originally thought possible on our own.

Why It's Needed

Sometimes it’s felt like prevention was just up to one person to make the change, but at the Summit it felt more like a community responsibility.
—Sarah Dodd, Summit Planner

Community Partners

  • Changing Our Environment Committee
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Pride Collective and Community Center