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Don’t Buy It Project

“Don’t Buy It” refers to the idea that in order to effectively combat Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and violence against women and children, we need to stop buying into false narratives about CSE and the cultural normalization of toxic masculinity.

  • Don’t Buy into the idea that people used in commercial sexual exploitation are making “liberated” choices. For the vast majority of people being bought and sold for sex, exploitation is a result of a lack of safe choices. Speak out against the perpetuation of this myth in your community.
  • Don’t Buy into the idea that men are supposed to be dominant, controlling, and exploitative toward women and children. Men can be loving, caring, and empathetic folks. We are more than the negative stereotype.
  • Look for opportunities to support definitions of masculinity that promote equality and kindness. Reject myths of masculinity promoting male dominance and sexual conquest.
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Last modified: 7/7/2022