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Rosemary Pledge (Low Ink)

Take the #RosemaryPledge


  1. Support victims & survivors in your life.

    Your role is to believe, listen, and provide the support they need.

  2. Know and practice consent.

    Consent is as simple as getting and giving permission to do something.

  3. Be an active bystander.

    If something’s not right and it’s safe to intervene, do it.

  4. Be aware of language.

    Jokes and phrases that make light of sexual violence contribute to a culture where sexual harassment, assault, and abuse aren’t taken seriously.

  5. Be accountable.

    Own it when you hurt someone whether you meant to or not.

  6. Talk to your legislator.

    Use your voice and your vote to ensure sexual harassment, assault, and abuse prevention is well-funded.

  7. Pick what you watch.

    Choose media that matches your values, sends healthy messages, and doesn’t use gender violence as a lazy plot device.

  8. Don’t make excuses.

    Harmful norms create and excuse sexual violence. We have the power to shift them.

  9. Talk about it.

    Talk to the people in your life about sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, if you feel comfortable doing so. Change happens when we talk about things that are stigmatized.

  10. Build connections.

    Mobilize the people you know to support organizations and events in your community that are working to end sexual harassment, assault, and abuse.