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Healthy Relationship Skills and Sexual Violence Prevention Programming Assessment Tool

Learning, practicing, and teaching healthy relationship skills is important for all members of a community, and knowing what local sexual violence prevention efforts look like is a vital first step toward a safer and healthier community. Use this chart to take a close look at local sexual violence prevention efforts and reflect on whether or not your local violence prevention efforts use promising practices and compare them to the curriculum recommendations.

Parents/Guardians: Use this tool to start a conversation with your principal, teachers, school board, or youth organization leaders. Ask if the local sexual violence prevention program includes healthy relationship skill development and incorporates the other promising practices listed here.

Advocates: Talk about this tool with the people you serve and share it with your community partners. Talk to parents/guardians and other community members about healthy relationship skills as a form of sexual violence prevention and encourage them to ask questions.

School Administrators: Use this tool to assess your school’s current sexual violence prevention efforts and reflect on opportunities for growth using promising practices and recommendations listed here.

Note: This tool can be used alongside MNCASA’s Stop Light Curriculum Assessment Tool


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Last modified: 7/7/2022