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Mapping the Demand: Sex Buyers in the State of Minnesota

This report deepens our understanding of Minnesotans who pay for sex. The goal of this study is to help close a significant gap in research, practice, and policy related to sex buyers and provide empirical evidence to support action. We sought to understand who they are, where they live and purchase sex, how they approach the marketplace for sex, and what they seek to purchase.

The study builds on findings from “Mapping the Market for Sex with Minor Trafficked Girls in Minneapolis” which documented the processes – rooted in exploitation, violence and manipulation – through which a supply of trafficked girls is developed and brought to the marketplace by sex trafficking operations. “Mapping the Demand” provides a critical next step for understanding the market for sex in Minnesota by focusing on sex buyers in Minnesota.

Trafficking Advocates, Preventionists, Responders to Sexual Violence Minnesota

Last modified: 6/30/2022