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Minnesota Student Survey

Since 1989, the Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) has been administered every three years to students in regular public elementary and secondary schools, charter schools, and tribal schools. All public school districts in Minnesota are invited to participate in the survey. From 1989 through 2010, students in 6th, 9th and 12th grades participated in the survey. In 2013, the grade levels surveyed changed to 5th, 8th, 9th and 11th grades.

The MSS includes questions about a wide variety of youth behaviors, including risk behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, violence and sexual activity, as well as positive behaviors and connection to family, school and community. Questions about some of these topics are only asked of 9th and 11th grade students.

The MSS is optional on the part of school districts, but over time the majority of districts have chosen to participate. School district participation rates was 81% in 2019. Most districts had all designated grades participate.

The MSS is an anonymous survey; no names or identifying code numbers are collected, and survey answers cannot be traced to an individual. Students can decline to take the survey.  If they take the survey, students can skip any question or stop at any point.

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Last modified: 6/30/2022