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No Wrong Door Youth Project

The 2011 the Minnesota legislature passed Safe Harbor for Youth that recognized minors involved in prostitution or commercial sex as victims of sexual exploitation and not criminals. Following the legislation, the No Wrong Door Model was created in 2014 as a coordinated plan for implementation of a victim-centered public health approach. This model was based on the idea that any “door” that a sexually exploited youth opens should be a pathway to recovery and thriving. These doors could be a hospital, clinic, a social worker, police, and more.

Hennepin County launched an internal County-wide No Wrong Door Initiative to implement the vision of Safe Harbor within the Hennepin County system through the creation of County-specific protocols, practices, and tailored services. The Initiative coordinates services across all juvenile serving business lines in the County, including Child Protection, Health and Human Services, and Corrections. In 2017, sex trafficking of minors by any third-party was deemed a mandatory Child Protection report.

In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Hennepin County No Wrong Door has developed a County-wide response to this new role for Child Protection. In addition, Hennepin County has created specialized Child Welfare case managers to provide voluntary services for youth who do not meet the criteria to open a Child Protection investigation, but there is suspected or known sexual exploitation.

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Last modified: 6/30/2022