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Non-Stranger Sexual Assault

Non-stranger sexual assault is unwanted, coerced and/or forced sexual penetration or contact that occurs between people who are known to each other. This relationship may be a working relationship, friendship, dating relationship, a blind date or “hook up.” They may know one another well or only briefly. The issue is not identifying who the perpetrator is; it is rather identifying how force or coercion is manifested.

Even though more attention is generally given by the media or in communities when a sexual assault is committed by a stranger, it is far more common to be sexually assault by someone you know. It does not matter if the perpetrator is known or a stranger, all forms of sexual assault impact the victim/ survivor.

Some types of scenarios that are included under non-stranger sexual assault are coined “brief encounter” assault. The assailant may not be a date or even a friend, but the identity of the assailant is not in question. What is in question is how force or coercion was manifested

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Last modified: 7/7/2022