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Parent Power: Partnering with Advocates to Prevent Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a serious problem that affects many people across the United States. Youth are at significant risk for sexual violence but we can help protect them by teaching and modeling healthy relationship skills. These skills are a vital part of sexual violence prevention and sex education, all of which are most impactful when taught together. As a parent/guardian, you play a significant role in what your child is learning and you don’t have to do it alone. Community advocates can provide the support and resources you may need to talk to your children about boundaries, peer pressure, respect for own body/others’ bodies, identifying safe and trusted adults and where to get help if needed.

You have the power to help end sexual violence and protect youth. It can feel daunting to know where to start but you can utilize your community resources! Skilled advocates can help you prepare for conversations about healthy relationships with your children, learn more about your local school’s sexual violence prevention and healthy relationships curriculum, find ways to prevent violence in your community, and keep your family safe and healthy.


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Last modified: 11/2/2022