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Preventing and Responding to Domestic & Sexual Violence in Later Life

This special collection brings together selected materials related to preventing and responding to elder abuse and abuse in later life. It draws from the work of the National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL), National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), National Adult Protective Services Agency (NAPSA) and other organizations. By focusing specifically on domestic and sexual violence (DV/SV) in later life, this special collection highlights the complexities of older people’s DV/SV experiences and emphasizes collaborative and multi-pronged approaches to addressing DV/SV in later life. Accordingly, the materials included in this special collection have been organized by their relevance to key stakeholders.

Although particular effort was made to include materials related to addressing elder abuse and abuse in later life in diverse groups of older people, very few materials in this special collection focus on elder abuse and abuse in later life within culturally diverse communities. This limitation is due to significant gaps in current literature.

This special collection was developed by the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse (MINCAVA) in July 2010, revised by the National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL) in June 2015, and updated in June 2016 by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence in preparation for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), observed each year on June 15th.

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Last modified: 6/23/2022