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Using A Ten- Factor Framework for Sexual Assault Response Team Effectiveness When Supporting LGBTQIA+ Victims/Survivors

Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) can play an important role in supporting victims/survivors and their communities in many different ways.

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (SVJI @ MNCASA) worked with several SARTs across the country to create A Ten-Factor Framework for Sexual Assault Response Team Effectiveness, a report identifying 6 internal characteristics and 4 external characteristics important to SART effectiveness and to support SARTs. Before using this resource, it may be helpful to review that report. This resource supplements the Ten-Factor Framework Report and can help provide SARTs guidance for implementing best practices when increasing awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault in the LGBTQIA+ community and to address inconsistencies in response to LGBTQIA+ victims/survivors.

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Last modified: 8/10/2023