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July 14 / 1:00 PM–3:00 PM CDT

Suspect Exams: The Nuts and Bolts of Setting up a Protocol in your Jurisdiction

When evaluating potential sources of evidence, law enforcement professionals often focus on material that might have transferred from the suspect to the victim. However, evidence could just as likely be transferred from the victim to the suspect, offering opportunities to gather additional information and evidence. Law enforcement, prosecutors, sexual assault nurse examiners, and health care professionals are invited to join us for a two part series that explores the investigative procedures, forensic practices, and interagency collaboration necessary to carry out a medical forensic exam. In Part two, attendees will learn practical steps for establishing a suspect exam protocol and learn:

  • How protocol for suspect exams is developed collaboratively among multiple agencies
  • The procedure for obtaining a warrant for a suspect exam
  • How the treatment of a suspect can shape sample collection during the forensic suspect examination
  • Best practices for engaging the suspect during the evidence collection process


NOTE: Attendees are highly encouraged to register for part one of the suspect exam series for a continuation of the discussion, Sexual Assault Suspect Forensic Exams and How They Can Aid in the Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Assault Cases, on June 23, 1:00-3:00 p.m.