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The Heathy Relationships Activity Book

The Healthy Relationships Activity Book

Stopping sexual violence and other forms of harm can feel like a complicated and overwhelming task. Education is an important form of sexual violence prevention. However, many students do not have access to comprehensive, accurate information regarding sexual education and healthy relationships. Such topics may also feel overwhelming, awkward, or complicated for parents and guardians to teach at home. The Healthy Relationships Activity Book (HRAB) is intended to alleviate some of these barriers and assist you in building knowledge, skills, and a deeper connection with your youth. The HRAB demonstrates how you and your youth can practice every day skills of primary prevention–how you can stop violence before it ever has the chance to occur.

What is it?

The Healthy Relationships Activity Book (HRAB) is a tool designed to bring parents/guardians and youth together to learn about the four following concepts:

  1. Healthy Relationships
  2. Consent
  3. Gender Stereotypes
  4. Trust & support

The HRAB consists of two separate guides–The Parent/Guardian Guide and The Activity Book. The Activity Book is created specifically for youth. It includes educational and engaging activities, illustrative designs, and sections for discussion and reflection. The Parent/Guardian Guide is designed to be in conversation with the Activity Book and acts as a facilitation guide. It encourages facilitators to reflect upon their own experiences while offering helpful tips, resources, discussion questions, and answer keys.

Who is it for?

Content discussed in the HRAP is generally appropriate for youth between late grade school and middle school (about ages 10-13). However, many topics–such as consent or boundaries–can be taught at much younger ages. Please feel free to do whatever is best for yourself and your youth.

Who worked on it?

The HRAB came to fruition through the time and dedication of countless experts. In addition to a number of incredible staff at MNCASA, two youth groups–the Health & Wellness Subcommittee from the Minnesota Youth Council and the Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership youth group with the Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE)–offered guidance and feedback from a youth-centered perspective. We are incredibly grateful for the expertise they shared.

Need Support?

Contact Hunter Beckstrom, Prevention & Sexual Exploitation Program Coordinator.