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National Sexual Assault Response Teams

Since 2013, the Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) has been a designated OVW training and technical assistance provider to rural sexual assault response teams. In 2020, we expanded our services to all SARTs nationwide. We develop resources, offer regular webinars and team-specific trainings, SART Connection Calls, one-on-one technical assistance, SART leadership development, and community engagement support to support SARTs across the country.

Our national SART work specifically targets OVW Improving Criminal Justice Response grantees, STOP sub-grantees, and potential grantees.

New Team Orientation

As new teams form across the country and/or receive OVW funding, we are able to provide orientation trainings to new SARTs. We frequently offer foundational trainings, such as our SART 101, Building a Strong Foundation, and Introduction to Protocols that can help new teams get started and older teams rejuvenate. We particularly enjoy providing one-on-one technical assistance to new teams as they get started. Reach out for more information!

Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator Training

We are very excited to offer an annual cohort-style training series for SART Coordinators! This course has been uniquely developed and tailored to the emerging needs of SART Coordinators around the country. This training is an opportunity for SART Coordinators across the country to come together to learn from each other, build community, and learn about emerging issues related to multi-disciplinary teams. Stay tuned to the SVJI Newsletter to learn when the next SART Coordinator Training series will be offered!

Connection Calls

Our Connection Calls are monthly virtual discussions focused on addressing the current needs of sexual assault response teams (SARTs) and connecting SART leaders and coordinators nationally. Connection Calls are hosted in collaboration with the Rural SART TTA project.

Past topics of Connection Calls include:

  • SARTs and Rural SANE Programs
  • Planning for Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Onboarding New Team Members

Join us for our next call!

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