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Over the summer of 2020, NCCASA was extraordinarily lucky to host two brilliant interns through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Moxie Scholars…

Virtual Adaptation Guidance for Sexual Violence Prevention Curriculum and Interventions

The COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacted and continues to impact our communities. In order to meet the needs of the changing landscape of learning, many curricula…


Healthy Relationships Activity Book Parent and Guardian Guide

Stopping sexual violence and other forms of harm can feel like a complicated and overwhelming task. Education is an important form of sexual violence prevention.


Parent Power: Partnering with Advocates to Prevent Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a serious problem that affects many people across the United States. Youth are at significant risk for sexual violence but we can…


Advocate’s Guide to Talking to Parents/Guardians About Healthy Relationships and Sexual Violence Prevention for Children and Youth

Learning healthy relationship skills is a vital part of sexual violence prevention and sex education, all of which are most impactful when taught together. Parents/guardians…


Prevention Starts At Home: An At-Home Prevention Activity Pack for Parents/Guardians During COVID-19

As schools close and a lot summer programming is scaled down or cancelled, many parents/guardians are spending more time with their children at home. Most…


Minnesota Student Survey

Since 1989, the Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) has been administered every three years to students in regular public elementary and secondary schools, charter schools, and…


Improving Resources for At-Risk Youth

Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation occur because a youth’s vulnerabilities are being exploited. If a youth lacks a sufficient support system – including basic resources…


Healthy Relationships and Prevention

Sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other forms of sexual violence do not happen in isolation. Harmful attitudes, beliefs, and practices can create an environment in…


Sex Trafficking Prevention Strategies

Sex trafficking is a type of commercial sexual exploitation where a third person, often referred to as a trafficker, arranges or profits from the exploitation.


Responding to Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: For Parents

It can be startling for a parent to realize that their child is engaging in a problematic sexual behavior. Parents may experience a range of…


Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: Improving Minnesota’s ability to provide early identification and intervention services through policy and practice recommendations.

MNCASA understands the importance of efforts to prevent the perpetration of sexual abuse. Due to this understanding, our project examined sexual behavioral problems (SBPs) in…