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Using Technology to Communicate with Survivors During a Public Health Crisis

During a public health crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, when public health officials recommend “social distancing” to slow the spread of…

COVID-19 Pandemic Toolkit

The Safety Net Project is dedicated to exploring technology safety in the context of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and violence against women. This toolkit…

Digital Services Toolkit

“Digital services” means using tech-based tools like online chat, text messaging, and video calls to provide services to survivors. Many victim service programs are considering…

Resources for Survivors of Violence, Disasters, and Other Traumatic Experiences

You are not alone. Even in disasters, help is available. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center gas gathered a number of resource for free and…

Toolkit for Survivors During COVID-19

Survivors of sexual assault are experiencing the deep impact of this moment in ways we could have never imagined. Those of us in abusive situations…


What Can We Talk About? Honoring Victim/Survivor Confidentiality in SARTs

This toolkit was created to help systems change SARTs: • identify their specific confidentiality obligations and understand the differences between team members, • navigate…


MNCASA 2023 Legislative Agenda

MNCASA’s 2023 legislative priorities.


LGBTQIA+ Cultural Humility Readiness Assessment for SARTs

The following readiness assessment can be completed by individual agencies or as a team. It is meant to bring to light current efforts and highlight…


Best Practices for Sexual Assault Response Teams Supporting LGBTQIA+ Victims/Survivors

In the absence of traditional safety nets,  many victims/survivors in the LGBTQIA+1 community find support within their family of choice, which typically includes trusted friends…


Statewide Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Testing and Cold Case Sexual Assault Investigative Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to provide law enforcement with information regarding sexual assault kit processing and cold case sexual assault investigation, increase clarity regarding recent…


Healthy Relationships Activity Book Parent and Guardian Guide

Stopping sexual violence and other forms of harm can feel like a complicated and overwhelming task. Education is an important form of sexual violence prevention.